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Merge multiple MP3 songs into a single file
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Create a single-file album or mix by joining multiple MP3 files into one. Additional features include MP3-splitting capabilities and automatic file naming.

In principle, this tool is an MP3 joiner which allows you to merge multiple MP3 files into a single bigger one. However, the program also allows you to perform the opposite function – to split the resulting MP3 file to go back to the original set of individual tracks. The program provides some extra features, like automatic file naming and source file deletion.

The user interface offered by this MP3 joiner is too classical and a bit rude, and its visual design could be widely improved. Basically, you have two tabs to choose from – “Make Album" and "Unpack Album" – to perform the two functions offered by the program. "Make album" allows you to add all the source files you want to join together, either individually or by folder. You can also customize the files’ order – or randomize it – and add front and back covers to your "album" file. As for the output file name, you can choose between an auto and a manual mode. In auto mode, you can let the program to fully set up the output file name for you, or you can customize the artist and album names, the prefix, and the suffix. There is also a button to change the output folder. In manual mode, on the other hand, you can simply set the output folder and the file name through a standard system dialog.

The unpack album function allows you to select an "album" file to be split, and it will show you a list of the original files immediately. This function, however, can only handle album files created using this program. You can also set an output file name and a location, and finally start the splitting process.

In general terms, this program provides good performance and processing speed. However, it still presents some minor problems. As of my testing, I could never use the "Select folder" dialog successfully, neither for adding source folders nor for setting the output folder. I would strongly recommend using the manual mode, rather than the auto mode, for the output file name configuration, when using the "Make Album" function.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Provides good performance and processing speed
  • Allows you to split the "album" file to get the original set of individual MP3 files
  • Allows you to add front and back covers for your "album" file
  • Includes a function to randomize the order of your source files


  • Poor visual design
  • Defective "Select folder" dialog
  • Auto mode for output file name configuration is a bit confusing
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